How To Get Through Winter?

Right, you have just spend the entire summer and most of fall riding like a maniac. But now there is 2 feet of snow on the ground, and more coming. What to do? How to make it all the way to spring until you can ride your dirt bike again?

Every year, I find myself in that situation. And every year, I get a little bit better at keeping myself busy. So, let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to have fun and come out stronger in spring.

Organize a Trip

It’s winter here but in other places summer is just starting. Or, winter might mean 60 degrees and sunshine over there.

Now is the time to book that trip to the place you always wanted to visit but never did. You probably can’t go on biking trips for more than a few weeks but you’ll find that it has a super positive effect on the weeks before and after.

Riding in new spots is a great way to learn new techniques. When we ride the same trails over and over, we sometimes stop enjoying it.

I know I have that problem. At some point, I am only comparing my runs and pushing to be faster. A change of scenery is often all you need to realize why you ride again.

Maybe you can rent some different bikes and discover a new favorite.

Get Fit And Strong

The pros as not the only ones who can benefit from training in the off season. Now is the time to do a strength and conditioning program.

Or, to work on that old injury that is still bothering you.

I would advise to use a structured program instead of just going to the gym and do whatever. It will be easier to stay motivated, risk of injury is lower, and you will gain a lot more performance.

Try Snow Biking or SnowMobiling

There are some cool things you can do in the snow. Snow biking is a relatively new sport and closely resembles riding a dirt bike.

Personally, I prefer snowmobiles though. Maybe it’s because I grew up riding these but I find them to work a lot better in deep snow. Snowbikes tend to sink in deep and use a lot of power. Snowmobiles float a lot better.

Ok, these are some of my suggestions to get through winter. I hope they help you stay sane, healthy, and strong. If you have any other favorite winter activities, feel free to comment below.

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